commercial and project services

At LevelUp, we transcend the traditional boundaries of strategy development by offering not only expert guidance but also hands-on execution. Our pledge to assist clients in achieving their revenue and profit objectives is underpinned by strategic client engagement and astute commercial management, bolstered by a potent mix of Technical SMEs, Data and Analytics, and strategic project support.

We stand committed to a partnership approach, adapting our services to meet the precise needs of our clients, thereby turning challenges into opportunities and objectives into outcomes. Our dedication goes beyond devising strategies; we activate them through our innovative LevelUp Heroes program, which provides access to temporary operational support. This unique offering places seasoned professionals within your teams, integrating seamlessly to drive initiatives forward and achieve tangible results.

LevelUp’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to cover every aspect of your business’s path to achieving its financial goals, with a hands-on approach.

Commercial and Claims Management

Safeguard your project’s financial health with expert management of contracts and resolution of claims, ensuring your commercial interests are protected.

Quantity Surveying

Accurately assess and manage all costs related to your construction projects, from initial calculations to the final figures, ensuring economic efficiency and value.


Navigate your project’s journey with precision, utilizing strategic foresight to map out each phase, ensuring timely delivery and alignment with your business objectives.

Data and Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to translate data into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making and a competitive edge.

LevelUp Heroes represent the pinnacle of our commitment — to not only strategise, but to roll up our sleeves and be a part of your journey every step of the way.

By working in concert with your existing operations, they ensure that strategies are not just plans on paper but are brought to life, contributing directly to your bottom line.

Choose LevelUp as your ally, and embrace a comprehensive approach to success that blends thought leadership with actionable support.

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