human resources, industrial relations and people services

At LevelUp, our portfolio of Human Resources, Industrial Relations, and People Services is distinguished not only by our technical expertise and successful delivery track record but also by the integration of two foundational approaches that underpin all our work: the application of design thinking and the deployment of LevelUp Heroes across all service streams. This ensures that our solutions are not only innovative and empathetic, focusing on the employee experience to foster collaboration and continuous improvement, but also that they are practically supported by expert professionals ready to drive strategy and achieve tangible results.

Here’s a detailed look at our services, reflecting these core principles.

Human Resources

We provide strategic HR solutions across the employee lifecycle, aimed at enhancing engagement and aligning workforce strategies with business objectives.

Industrial Relations

Our expertise covers the spectrum of employer-employee relationships, including negotiation, compliance, and conflict resolution, to maintain a productive and harmonious workplace.

People Services

Utilising systems thinking, we devise strategies to boost workforce productivity and engagement, enhancing overall organisational health.

Change Management

By focusing on the human aspects of organisational transitions, we promote adaptability and resilience, ensuring smooth and effective change processes.

Remuneration Benchmarking and Market Analysis

Through deep market insights, we ensure that your remuneration strategies are competitive and aligned with industry standards, aiding in talent attraction and retention.

Payroll Support, Data Analytics, and Reporting

Enhanced by advanced data analytics and reporting, our payroll solutions provide clarity on operations and metrics, facilitating informed decision-making and compliance.

Compliance and Auditing for Payroll Services with AI and Automation

By integrating AI and automation technologies, we elevate the efficiency and accuracy of compliance auditing and payroll processes, ensuring legal adherence and operational excellence.

The integration of LevelUp Heroes across all service streams signifies our commitment to not just strategise but also effectively execute these strategies, providing our clients with the operational support necessary to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment. This approach ensures that our services are seamlessly delivered, with a focus on achieving strategic alignment and operational success for your organisation.

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